Welcome Back


Welcome Back Brotter, a two-time Telly Award winning sitcom on BUTV10, has evolved into Welcome Back, the story of three friends trying (and failing) to stand out in a big city at a big school. The everyday hilarity of college life is shown in a series of narrative and cinematic styles (think Fellini in a Frat House.)


Season 3
Season 2
  • The Gallon Challenge Episode 3

    In a desperate attempt to get rid of the multiple gallons of milk Ryan bought, Cody hosts a competition to see who can chug an entire gallon of milk.

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  • Beerpot Episode 2

    Cody signs up his roommate Ryan for the Annual Beerpot Tournament with ulterior motives: if Cody can get Ryan to win the game for their team, he might finally find love with The Girl From French Class before he graduates.

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  • Back to the Brotter Episode 1

    In this sci-fi spectacular, the magical Jewish Gingers who live in college dorm elevators send Cody and Ryan traveling through time. Destination? Freshman year. Desires? Meal plan and virginity loss. But as Cody gets closer to losing his v-card, he also gets closer to losing his bro.

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