One of the longest running shows in BUTV10’s history is undergoing a revitalization: now entering its twenty-first year on the air, Shadows chronicles the stories of those who have stumbled into the realm of the unknown, the occult, and the downright horrifying.


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  • Caru Part 2: Light In The Sky Episode 3

    Dr. Naomi Kin has made good use of her potential: she may be young, but she’s a head doctor at Memorial Hospital, can keep calm in the worst situations, and is fiercely determined to overcome any odds. However, during a critical operation, an old trauma comes back to haunt her, and all that she’s built up teeters on the precipice of disaster.

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  • Caru Part 2: Trailer Episode 2

    Darkness Follows – Coming Soon.

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  • Caru Part 1: The Dog of Darkness Episode 1

    Christopher McAllisten’s first day at Memorial is not how he expected. An unlikely friendship, a police investigation, and an Ape Man running wild give him–and everyone else–a test of conviction… and mortality.

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  • black_hole32 Episode 2

    $ Loop begin
    $ targsweep | exploit -n -Os 20 -t 17 -p RootKit | inject black_hole32 >> owned.out
    $ loop until bots=100%

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  • RX-15963 Episode 1

    Footage recovered from a downed UFO gives us insight  into who really runs the universe.

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  • Red Scare Episode 1

    A mysterious woman asks for help to find her husband.  It’s up to one detective to find her man and get the girl.

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  • Pawn Episode 5

    A summoner’s plan to rescue her brother goes awry, and a valuable member of the Agency becomes corrupted.

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  • Exodus Episode 4

    While the Agency copes with a new shift in leadership, dangerous artifacts from the black market take their toll on innocents.

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  • Ohanze Episode 3

    A mysterious force enters the Agency after they take possession of suspicious statuette.

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  • Terminus Episode 2

    The Agency’s only lead is a captured vampire who might lead them back to his boss, or may lead them into a trap.

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  • Liability Episode 1

    The mysterious Kitry from Agent Joan Vance’s past, resurfaces with disturbing news about a plot in the vampire community. But Agent Darius has also gone missing…

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  • Siren Song Episode 7

    With the arrival of two mysterious sirens, the agency finds itself without a leader. Using John as bait, Alex must try to save Jakob. But Jakob might have found more than he bargained for…

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  • The Brotherhood Episode 5
  • The Grundel Episode 4
  • The Captives Episode 3
  • Private Paranormal Investigator Episode 2