One of the longest running shows in BUTV10’s history is undergoing a revitalization: now entering its twenty-first year on the air, Shadows chronicles the stories of those who have stumbled into the realm of the unknown, the occult, and the downright horrifying.


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Season 1
  • The Invention of Murder Episode 2

    A man reinvents murder after years of peace.

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  • Red Dhalia Episode 1

    A young college student struggles with paranoia and potential insanity when she believes she’s being hunted by her roommate’s killer.

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  • Trailer 2 2017 Episode 01
  • Trailer 1 2017 Episode 0
  • Caru Part 4: Cynth Episode 5

    Cynth Rivers is dying. After Miranda’s exorcism, he is left in the prison of his own body, unable to be seen or heard. When Death itself comes for him, he must make a choice, one that defines who we are as human beings and shows what the most important part of life truly is.

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  • Caru Part 3: The Haunted Episode 4
  • Caru Part 2: Light In The Sky Episode 3

    Dr. Naomi Kin has made good use of her potential: she may be young, but she’s a head doctor at Memorial Hospital, can keep calm in the worst situations, and is fiercely determined to overcome any odds. However, during a critical operation, an old trauma comes back to haunt her, and all that she’s built up teeters on the precipice of disaster.

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  • Caru Part 2: Trailer Episode 2

    Darkness Follows – Coming Soon.

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  • Caru Part 1: The Dog of Darkness Episode 1

    Christopher McAllisten’s first day at Memorial is not how he expected. An unlikely friendship, a police investigation, and an Ape Man running wild give him–and everyone else–a test of conviction… and mortality.

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  • black_hole32 Episode 2

    $ Loop begin
    $ targsweep | exploit -n -Os 20 -t 17 -p RootKit | inject black_hole32 >> owned.out
    $ loop until bots=100%

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  • RX-15963 Episode 1

    Footage recovered from a downed UFO gives us insight  into who really runs the universe.

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  • Red Scare Episode 1

    A mysterious woman asks for help to find her husband.  It’s up to one detective to find her man and get the girl.

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  • Pawn Episode 5

    A summoner’s plan to rescue her brother goes awry, and a valuable member of the Agency becomes corrupted.

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  • Exodus Episode 4

    While the Agency copes with a new shift in leadership, dangerous artifacts from the black market take their toll on innocents.

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  • Ohanze Episode 3

    A mysterious force enters the Agency after they take possession of suspicious statuette.

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  • Terminus Episode 2

    The Agency’s only lead is a captured vampire who might lead them back to his boss, or may lead them into a trap.

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  • Liability Episode 1

    The mysterious Kitry from Agent Joan Vance’s past, resurfaces with disturbing news about a plot in the vampire community. But Agent Darius has also gone missing…

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  • Siren Song Episode 7

    With the arrival of two mysterious sirens, the agency finds itself without a leader. Using John as bait, Alex must try to save Jakob. But Jakob might have found more than he bargained for…

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  • The Brotherhood Episode 5
  • The Grundel Episode 4
  • The Captives Episode 3
  • Private Paranormal Investigator Episode 2