Q: I’m interested in joining. What now?

A: There are numerous opportunities for aspiring producers, writers, editors, sound and lighting technicians, programmers, marketers, and more.  You are welcome to look through our website and if you see any shows you are interested in, please feel free to contact the producers of the show directly.

Also, each September we hold a general interest meeting for students who want to join BUTV10. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or look for announcements in the COM newsletter at the beginning of the school year for details about the date and time of the meeting.

Q: It’s mid-semester, can I still join BUTV10? If so, how?

A: Yes! We recommend you explore our show pages to find a couple of shows you are interested in. You should e-mail the producers of the shows you are interested in (contact information is on the each show page) and they will let you know what opportunities there are for you. We hold training sessions every September that we highly suggest you participate in next year but there are no requirements to join mid-semester.

Q: I have a show idea. What do I do now?

A: That’s great! Thank you so much for reaching out.

Please submit the following information to development@butv10.com:

  1. Name
  2. Year
  3. Film/ TV experience
  4. Cast/ crew committed
  5. Log line
  6. Why should BUTV pick up your show? What makes your show different from what we already have?

Once this information has been received, our Development Coordinator will contact you to discuss the next steps to make your project part of BUTV10!

Q: Can you give me a crew so I can get my new show idea started?

A: We’re sorry, but we do not provide crews to help get a show going.  This is a student run organization and every person that works on a show does so voluntarily.  Therefore, if interested in creating a show, you are responsible for making it all happen – including finding a good crew that can help make your vision a reality.

That being said, our Marketing team can help spread the word that you need help. If that is the case, please email marketing@butv10.com to request a crew call.

Q: I heard BUTV10 is involved in shooting the live productions of the basketball games. Can I get involved in that?

A: Yes! Our BUTV10 production crew handles the production of the basketball games, as well as all the One-on-Ones and any special events.  If you are interested, please contact production@butv10.com.

Q:  I want to talk to someone that is on the board. How can I do that?

A:  All of our board members contact information can be found here.  Depending on the question, the General Manager or Show Liaison are usually the best people to contact for general inquiries.