Pals & Friends

Do you have friends? Yes? No? Well guess what, you’re in luck. Pals & Friends is BUTV10’s only sketch comedy show, scientifically engineered to make you feel less lonely. We run tests in the form of a series of short skits, each designed to make everyone feel welcome and to make you feel like you have a pal (and maybe even a friend!) So come along and join us: you might just find that we’re the companions you’ve been looking for all along! Side effects may include smile-induced stomach aches, sore goofballs, and a bruised funny bone.


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Season 3
Season 2
Season 1
  • Kleenex Episode 3

    Kleenex knows what you need

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  • Vocal Range Episode 2

    a bunch of college kids folk at a party, and try to out-bro each other, hynix ensue

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  • Just College Things Episode 1

    An oblivious college youtuber and her less than enthusiastic roommate team up to give beauty tips and answer Q/A’s. Then things take a turn.

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  • Pals and Friends Goes Good Will Hunting Episode 2

    In this wacky episode we have a Pizza Guy who gets the scare of his life, air jazz musicians, a Senator who gets a bit too cozy with a horse, a  warning of our imminent death, Not a Cigarette Commercial, A RomCom gone wrong, and  Reverse Good Will Hunting. All of which is just too cute!

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  • Yams for Days Episode 1

    The Season 2 premiere is one for the books with a combination of sketches involving breakfast beer, sick drivers, the gym from hell, and plenty of yams to name a few!

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  • PBC Episode 2

    You’ve never seen a public broadcasting system like this! Pals & Friends presents PBC, featuring favorites like friendly painter Todd Moss, the cool kids in Doom, and the Fratt Brothers and Chris the Cockroach in Zabromafoo!

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  • Newscast Episode 1

    A special presentation of Pals & Friends 360, your only source for non-biased news and adventurous reporting. Featuring Dick Dandy, Trevor on the Street, and replacement weatherman, Corey Richards.

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