COED is a mockumentary following Emily, a transfer student in her Sophomore year. Ending up on the documentary floor, she meets new friends, finds herself in some very peculiar situations and has to grapple with finding her place in college.

COED is the newest spin on the BUTV10 classic Co-Ed: The next Generation and the original Co-ED both of which can be viewed below. Watch Co-Ed: The Next Generation starting under “season 2” below, or catch its predecessor, Co-Ed, under “season 1.”


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  • The Narc Episode 2

    The floor has gone wild and the RA decides to knock them back into shape through a compulsory floor event. The floor has had enough.

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  • We Got New Producers Episode 1

    Your favorite college students are back on the documentary floor! Well 3 of them…and the RA, BUT they have new students to either befriend or hate. Wait, where’s Hugh?

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  • Dave Attack! Episode 2

    Emily and Hannah go shopping in the city while Hugh and Kev decide to have some fun with Dave.

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  • COED Episode 1

    After transferring to a new school, Emily finds out that things will be a little different now that she lives on a documentary floor.

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  • Teaser Episode 0
  • The Party Episode 3

    Jack throws a party to hang with some freshmen and it goes about as well as a party thrown by Jack would. In the midst of the chaos, Scott discovers something new about himself.

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  • “Guess who’s back, back again?” Episode 2

    The roommates are back and in their new off campus apartment. What will go wrong next?

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  • The To-Do List Episode 1

    After mourning the “loss” of Brad and Scott, the roommates explore BU and themselves.

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  • The Tinder Games Episode 2

    The roommates look to Tinder in order to resolve their food shortage.

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  • The Auditions Episode 1

    In the aftermath of their party, Brad, Scott, and Theresa hold auditions for a new roommate.

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  • The Party Episode 2

    Scott and Ryan decide they need to change their looks. When their neighbor invites them to a party, they enlist Brad and Theresa to help them.

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  • Pilot Episode 1

    Four new roommates move into an apartment and discover that gender neutral housing is not at all what they expected it to be.

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  • Everything’s Crabby Episode 3

    All the suitemates find themselves at odds as the Jesus’ Hornblowers concert and the crab fundraiser both approach. Can friends be friends, or will this drive the suite apart?

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  • Grinding Episode 2
  • Pilot Episode 1

    With a documentary crew following three guys and three girls living together in StuVi2, things are bound to get a bit hairy. Or, more accurately, crabby, as Dylan and sidekick Taylor attempt to spearhead a campaign to save hermit crabs. Meanwhile, Bethany tries to get the gang to attend the aca-event of the year: a performance by Jesus’s Hornblowers.

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