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  • 10:27 AM
    Pop Showdown!
    6×5 – Aranya vs Victoria

    Today’s lovely contestant Aranya is a Beatles fanatic, but will her obsession for ’60s British pop invasion help her beat out Film/TV major Victoria? Tune in to this episode of Pop Showdown! to find out!

  • 10:34 PM
    Paper Trail
    Paper Trail Season 1 Episode 2

  • 4:27 PM
    The Brotherhood

  • 12:27 PM
    Paper Trail
    Paper Trail Season 1 Episode 5

  • 4:47 AM
    One on One
    Big K.R.I.T.

    Rapper Big K.R.I.T. sits down with Joe Weil and Tyler Benson to talk about his new album Cadillactica, his song “Mt. Olympus”, and southern hip-hop. K.R.I.T also talks about playing the cello in his high school orchestra and his first local hit in Mississippi.

  • 11:48 AM
    Paper Trail
    Paper Trail Season 1 Episode 7

    Episode 7

  • 9:43 PM
    Inside Boston
    Professional Athletes and Politics

    Colin Kapaernick of the San Francisco 49ers has taken a knee during the national anthem for every game so far this season in protest of racial injustices and police brutality. To some, Kapaernick is giving a voice to the voiceless. To others, he is abusing his celebrity status. What is a professional athlete’s role in politics, if any at all? Find out from our team of reporters and special guest Cedric Maxwell on this episode of Inside Boston.

  • 10:06 PM
    Inside Boston
    Inside Boston’s Guide to the New Hampshire Primary

    This episode is a holistic view of some of the issues and candidates that were most prominent leading into the New Hampshire Primary.

  • 10:24 AM
    An Interview with Mei Mei
    An Interview with Mei Mei

    Cat and Bharat sit down with Mei from Mei Mei’s food truck to chat about their new restaurant in BU’s south campus!

  • 8:48 PM
    Paper Trail
    Paper Trail Season 1 Episode 6

  • 11:30 PM
    The Hungry Terrier
    The Chowdown 2016

    Watch Ameera Hammouda, Eva McLafferty and Lina Gomez battle it out in the kitchen for the title of the Hungry Terrier’s ChowDown Champion! This year’s ChowDown competition includes four new “Going Green” ingredients that challenge our contestants.