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  • 2:07 PM
    Paper Trail
    Paper Trail Season 1 Episode 5

  • 2:37 PM
    Paper Trail
    Paper Trail Season 1 Episode 8

  • 1:55 PM
    Co-Ed: The Next Generation

    Four new roommates move into an apartment and discover that gender neutral housing is not at all what they expected it to be.

  • 6:12 PM
    Paper Trail
    Paper Trail Season 1 Episode 6

  • 5:13 PM
    Bay State
    Beers and Fears

    One year after his arrest, Adrian is released from prison and returns to BHC to find that his past relationships have crumbled. Jacob regains his position as a bartender at BHC’s pub, to Genny’s dismay. Genny’s time working at an art gallery finds her competing with an unfriendly co-worker. Nik struggles to choose between Marisa and his new freshman girlfriend, Lauren. Lauren, Michelle, Dylan, and Callie all navigate the BHC landscape as incoming freshmen, but they’re not the only ones who plan on starting over at BHC, as Adrian discovers when an old friend comes …

  • 7:22 PM
    Welcome Back
    The Gallon Challenge

    In a desperate attempt to get rid of the multiple gallons of milk Ryan bought, Cody hosts a competition to see who can chug an entire gallon of milk.

  • 5:37 PM
    Paper Trail
    Paper Trail Season 1 Episode 6

  • 7:49 PM
    Bay State
    Playing With Fire

    Robin realizes that her secret partnership with Nik might have been a mistake, and calls in a trusted ally to help her strengthen her drug operation. Jacob continues on with his own alcohol operation, and begins to raise questions about Robin and Nik’s suspicious behavior. When Lily asks Trent out on a date, Trent wonders whether he is prepared to take their relationship to “the next level.” Blair confronts Marisa about her secret second life, and discovers that Marisa’s connections reach higher up the chain of power than anyone could have ever imagined. Declan takes it upon himself to investigate the Beta Sig hazing incident with Grace, and finds himself hitting roadblocks. Grace is discharged from the mental institution, but when her sanity drastically slips away from her, she makes a loaded decision that destroys an old friendship and rocks the lives of everyone at BHC.

  • 3:46 PM
    Bay State
    Family Matters

    In the wake of Declan’s assault on Nik, Dixon puts into motion a devious scheme that completely shifts the power dynamic in his relationship with Marisa. Blair attempts to organize a Beta Sig fund-raiser intended to strengthen her sorority’s reputation, but finds little support from her sorority sisters. Jacob visits Nik in the hospital and meets an unlikely visitor who forces him to seriously reconsider his criminal lifestyle. A game-changing meeting with Declan causes Adrian to question his loyalty to his own family. Hoping to put his cocaine business into action, Declan attempts to track down Marisa to establish a partnership with her, but the man who he ends up encountering offers him far more than just drug money.

  • 5:28 PM
    Co-Ed: The Next Generation

    With a documentary crew following three guys and three girls living together in StuVi2, things are bound to get a bit hairy. Or, more accurately, crabby, as Dylan and sidekick Taylor attempt to spearhead a campaign to save hermit crabs. Meanwhile, Bethany tries to get the gang to attend the aca-event of the year: a performance by Jesus’s Hornblowers.

  • 1:51 PM
    Welcome Back
    The Case of Cody Brotter

    Fink and Nick move out of the dorms only to discover the mysterious shrine of Cody Brotter has followed them into their new apartment. Crazed and determined to unravel the mystery, Fink works with Nick and Jen to discover how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

  • 3:54 PM
    Siren Song

    With the arrival of two mysterious sirens, the agency finds itself without a leader. Using John as bait, Alex must try to save Jakob. But Jakob might have found more than he bargained for…

  • 3:36 PM
    Bay State
    The Big Fish

    Marisa and Richard attempt to convince Blair and Declan to concede to Marisa’s master plan, which she hopes will strip Dixon of his power over her. Genny joins Adrian as he celebrates his newfound freedom from the drug cartel… and his own family. Nik’s loyalty to Jacob is put to the test. Jacob confronts his inner demons and makes a decision that will forever change the lives of every student at BHC.

  • 4:29 PM
    Bay State
    Nothing to Hide

    Callie digs herself a deeper hole by spending more time around Marisa, who can’t get her mind off of Nik. Lauren attempts to get closer to Nik by inviting herself to his NA meetings, but in doing so only strains their relationship-and her friendship with Michelle. Declan and Adrian hit the freshman party scene, where Declan finds a potential connection that could get him back into Beacon Hill College for good. Jacob and Genny attempt to overcome their differences to save the Patriots Pub from bankruptcy.

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