On BUTV10 this week

  • 3:50 AM
    On That Point
    BU Student Government

    Episode 15.3 explores BU Student Government in the aftermath of two impeachments and several resignations in Fall 2015. Guests include Senate Chair Courtney Bold, former Vice President of Internal Affairs Marwa Sayed, and President Andrew Cho.

  • 10:07 AM
    Falling Apples
    Falling Apples

    The Hungry Terriers create autumn-inspired recipes featuring delicious Apple Dumplings and Apple Cider.

  • 1:35 AM
    Bay State
    Beers and Fears

    One year after his arrest, Adrian is released from prison and returns to BHC to find that his past relationships have crumbled. Jacob regains his position as a bartender at BHC’s pub, to Genny’s dismay. Genny’s time working at an art gallery finds her competing with an unfriendly co-worker. Nik struggles to choose between Marisa and his new freshman girlfriend, Lauren. Lauren, Michelle, Dylan, and Callie all navigate the BHC landscape as incoming freshmen, but they’re not the only ones who plan on starting over at BHC, as Adrian discovers when an old friend comes …

  • 10:29 PM
    Pop Showdown!
    6×6 – Julia vs Kathryn

    Can long-time PS! fan Julia thwart opponent Kathryn’s extensive knowledge of Film and TV? Watch these two media maniacs test their knowledge of all things Hollywood in this episode of Pop Showdown!