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  • 6:57 AM
    The Hungry Terrier
    The Chowdown 2016

    Watch Ameera Hammouda, Eva McLafferty and Lina Gomez battle it out in the kitchen for the title of the Hungry Terrier’s ChowDown Champion! This year’s ChowDown competition includes four new “Going Green” ingredients that challenge our contestants.

  • 9:43 PM
    Immigration Policies

    Welcome back to Amber! In this edition, we will take you to the Oak Street Fair in Chinatown, analyze the topic of immigration policies during presidential election. Several students will share their thoughts regarding campus safety issues, and we will also feature the street piano project that’s back to Boston.

  • 9:49 PM
    Bay State
    A Bone to Pick

    Callie tries to reintegrate Marisa into the BHC party scene. Meanwhile, Lauren and Michelle face off when Lauren exposes Michelle’s past insecurities, to Heather’s chagrin. Adrian thinks he’s getting his second chance at Genny’s heart, but she has other ideas. Declan learns the hard way that his old lifestyle and school just don’t mix. When Amelia’s job opportunity falls through, it looks like her stay with Jared will be indefinite until their differences become unreconcilable and Jared takes drastic action. A looming possibility gets Michelle nervous about her future.

  • 11:35 PM
    The Hungry Terrier
    E.A.T. Cambridge

    Join our Hungry Terrier hosts Ale, Sabrina and Bri as they eat and travel to the coolest hidden gems in Cambridge, and all for under $20!

  • 12:27 PM
    Paper Trail
    Paper Trail Season 1 Episode 5

  • 11:52 PM
    The Hungry Terrier

    The Hungry Terrier is now “Going Green” to promote healthy, sustainable living. Come eat a fresh lunch with Bri at Sweetgreen!

  • 12:00 AM
    Bay State
    Just Desserts

    Marisa excels in her new position and works on repairing her friendship with Callie. Michelle and Lauren’s lifestyles continue to clash, and the tension begins to spill over onto the rest of their friend group. After helping out at Open Mic Night, Adrian may have made his way back into Genny’s good graces, but the arrival of her younger brother Anthony and the prospect of sharing an art studio with new-in-town Amelia has her mind elsewhere. Dylan’s father pulls through to get Declan re-enrolled at BHC, but the transition back to academia is harder than he expected. He’s going to need some help.

  • 3:04 PM
    Terrier Nation

    In the final episode of Terrier Nation of the semester, reporter Erin O’Donnell takes us to the new BU Women’s Golf Indoor Practice Facility. Sam Cote and Stef Anderson introduce us to impressive individuals ready to take on the 2016 Boston Marathon. Alex Smith sits down with Sarah Hope of the BU Women’s Basketball team to talk hopes for the upcoming season. Stefanie Anderson and Emma Rantanen host.

  • 2:21 PM
    Falling Apples
    Falling Apples

    The Hungry Terriers create autumn-inspired recipes featuring delicious Apple Dumplings and Apple Cider.

  • 11:21 PM
    On That Point
    Media Coverage of the 2016 Presidential Election

    Episode 16.1 explores media coverage of the U.S. Presidential Election. Is media actually influencing voters? What about this coverage differs from the past? Has the media sensationalized the election? Can news outlets be unbiased? The guests who will address these questions include Professor Mitchell Zuckoff and Professor David Scott Palmer.

  • 6:16 AM
    One on One
    Everybody Wants Some

  • 4:49 PM
    Global Warming in Boston

    In this edition of Amber, we will discover the reasons behind Boston’s warm winter, take a look at the first international student career symposium in Boston and get some career development tips. We will also listen to different opinions about BU’s study abroad programs. A special feature analyzes the increasing involvement of Chinese elements in western films.

  • 5:52 PM
    Winter is Coming
    Winter is Coming

    Declan struggles to cover up his deadly acts of corruption while promoting his campaign for Student Government President. In the aftermath of a Beta Sig chapter meeting gone terribly wrong, Grace is institutionalized, and finds that her disturbing past with Alexis is creeping up on her. When Trent fails to track down Grace, he finds comfort in a surprising stranger’s kindness. Marisa, Blair, and Britney face inner dissent as to how to handle the aftermath of the incident with Grace. Blair becomes suspicious of Marisa’s intentions, and discovers that Marisa may be hiding something major from Beta Sig. The alcohol trade is taken to new levels when Jacob forges a partnership with Robin, and gains a helping hand in the mysterious Nik Grayden… though it soon becomes clear that neither Robin nor Nik are as trustworthy as they may seem.

  • 8:29 PM
    Pest Control