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  • 8:04 AM
    Pop Showdown!

    Rahaf v. Emma

  • 11:50 PM
    Terrier Nation

    In this episode of Terrier Nation, reporter Alexa Lamanna highlights the success of the BU Men’s Lacrosse team. Our basketball analyst Mike Goodkind sits down with Justin Alston and Cedric Hankerson to discuss last season.

  • 7:10 PM
    Around the Horn

    Three analysts test their sports knowledge in a game of Around the Horn. Only one can be victorious. Watch Now!

  • 11:56 PM
    The Hungry Terrier
    College Cooking on a Budget, Part 1

    Angela Chen dishes on some ways that college students can eat healthy without breaking the bank, starting with their grocery shopping.

  • 6:23 AM
    One on One

  • 11:13 PM
    Paper Trail
    Paper Trail Season 1 Episode 7

    Episode 7

  • 10:21 AM
    Siren Song

    With the arrival of two mysterious sirens, the agency finds itself without a leader. Using John as bait, Alex must try to save Jakob. But Jakob might have found more than he bargained for…

  • 8:09 AM
    Inside Boston
    Professional Athletes and Politics

    Colin Kapaernick of the San Francisco 49ers has taken a knee during the national anthem for every game so far this season in protest of racial injustices and police brutality. To some, Kapaernick is giving a voice to the voiceless. To others, he is abusing his celebrity status. What is a professional athlete’s role in politics, if any at all? Find out from our team of reporters and special guest Cedric Maxwell on this episode of Inside Boston.