On BUTV10 this week

  • 3:27 PM
    The Hungry Terrier
    Food Trucks

    The food truck competition inspires some Hungry Terrier dishes.

  • 4:35 PM
    Opening Night

    Off Sides is back and better than ever! For the start of the 2015 season our analysts discuss the MLB post season and what the Red Sox need to accomplish. We will also debut a new segment called “What Are The Odds?” Watch now!

  • 2:15 PM
    Inside Boston
    Community Leaders

    The reporters of Inside Boston ventured around the different neighborhoods and suburbs of Boston to find great leaders who are giving back to their communities. We found out about soccer in the South End, fresh squash and strawberries in Somerville, journalism in Jamaica Plain, and much more! Plus, in-studio guest from Initiative on Cities tells us about the power of community and the late Mayor Menino’s legacy at BU.

  • 5:58 PM
    What Are The Odds?

    The MLB post season is in full swing and the NFL has only 5 undefeated teams left. See what our analysts think! Watch now!

  • 5:11 PM
    Bay State
    A New Pledge

    After the shocking murder of President Bennett, Howard Dixon takes the reigns of President of the University and immediately institutes serious changes. Declan, trying to move on from the past year, is dating Lily and running for Student Council President. However, he finds that moving on is easier said than done. With the pub no longer around, Jacob begins his own highly profitable business and when Brandon returns to campus to seek him out, things get heated. Grace and Britney, attempting to find normalcy in their lives, join the new pledge class of Zeta Chi Omega. This proves more difficult for Grace as she struggles to deal with her trauma from being kidnapped by Alexis. Nora, brimming with confidence, takes her cruel behavior to the next level.

  • 6:54 PM
    Paper Trail
    Paper Trail Season 1 Episode 5

  • 5:39 PM
    Paper Trail
    Paper Trail Season 1 Episode 3

  • 6:54 PM
    Paper Trail
    Paper Trail Season 1 Episode 5

  • 5:01 PM

    This episode is all about the current changes in professional sports. From hockey to baseball, new rules are being implemented to alter the game. Watch now!

  • 7:58 PM
    Bay State

    The BHC community is shocked by Jamie’s murder at the hands of Grace. Trent feels the need to confront Grace about her actions, which deeply upsets Lily. Blair and Britney have a falling out with Marisa at Beta Sig’s initiation, which results in a major shift in power within the sorority. Jacob confronts Nik about his betrayal, and Nik must choose where his allegiances lie. Robin makes her younger brother, Adrian Morales, right at home within BHC’s campus, while making her final power plays before heading back home to Colombia. Declan seriously questions his allegiance to BHC’s Student Government. Blair hosts a rave to celebrate Beta Sig’s initiation, and the results are disastrous for everyone involved.

  • 1:44 PM
    Exclusive Interview with Davis Guggenheim, Director of “He Named Me Malala”

    Documentary director Davis Guggenheim talks about his latest film, which follows the private and public life of Malala Yousafzai. After surviving an attack by the Taliban for speaking up about girl’s education, Malala is known today as a powerful female activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner who continues the fight to provide every girl with an education.

  • 6:25 PM
    Bay State
    A Change in Tide

    Britney wonders whether she should stop buying alcohol from Jacob, which creates a rift in their relationship. Brandon discovers the truth about an old friend’s murder, which sends him spiraling downwards. Blair feels suppressed by Marisa’s authority in Beta Sig, and goes to great lengths to prove herself as a leader in the sorority. With Jacob’s encouragement, Trent continues to pursue Grace, which cheers Grace up until she arrives at a Beta Sig chapter meeting that changes everything for the worse. Jamie continues to investigate Declan’s connection to the murder and corruption underlying BHC’s campus, to Robin’s dismay. Lily’s relationships with both Declan and Nora are put to the test after she sees something that she wishes she hadn’t, and Declan’s reaction to the situation proves deadly.

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