On BUTV10 this week

  • 12:36 AM
    College Ranking, Chinese Nobel Prize Winner, and BU’s “Unbreakable Man”

    In this episode of Amber, we take a look at BU’s new world ranking and its effect on international students, discuss the western view on Chinese medicine after Tu Youyou has been awarded with the Nobel Prize, and hear diverse opinions on gun control. We will also feature on BU’s “Unbreakable Man,” Connor Lenahan.

  • 6:30 AM
    Free Agency Frenzy

    Off Sides covers the 7 free agents in MLB and all the injuries taking over the NFL and NHL. Watch now!

  • 9:02 PM
    On That Point
    Media in the Primaries

    Episode 15.1 takes a look at the advertising and social media campaigns of the candidates running in both the Republican and Democratic primaries. Guests include Harvard’s Kennedy School Professor Steve Jarding, Young Republicans Representative Joseph McKenna, and Christine Lowe, director of diversity for the Young Democrats.

  • 5:04 PM

    Four new roommates move into an apartment and discover that gender neutral housing is not at all what they expected it to be.

  • 8:26 AM

    The mysterious Kitry from Agent Joan Vance’s past, resurfaces with disturbing news about a plot in the vampire community. But Agent Darius has also gone missing…

  • 10:38 PM

    Join us as our analysts discuss what’s wrong with the Panthers and other underperforming teams in the NFL this year. In our MLB segment, we talk the Red Sox’s early exit from the playoffs, and postseason pitching struggles. Jessica Citronberg gives us her take on Greg Hardy’s move to the MMA. All this and more on OffSides.

  • 6:26 AM
    On That Point
    Energy in the United States

    Episode 15.2 takes a look at current energy policies in the United States, along with their feasibility with the current economy and political climate. This episode also features a debate between environmentalist and oil lobbyist. Guests include Director of BU’s Institute of Sustainable Energy Dr. Peter Fox-Penner, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Petroleum Council for the American Petroleum Institute Steve Dodge, and Communications Coordinator at Better Future Project Emily Kirkland.

  • 4:54 PM
    Pop Showdown!
    6×11 – Claudia vs Sonia

    Best friends Claudia and Sonia go head to head on this “heady” episode of Pop Showdown. Will Claudia’s head be too up in the clouds to win? Will Sonia’s sunny personality prevent her from being competitive enough? Find out on this week’s episode of Pop Showdown!

  • 1:22 AM
    On That Point
    Media and Terrorism

    As the Season 15 finale, Episode 4 explores how the media reports terrorist attacks along with how law enforcement has responded to this coverage. Guests include Chief Thomas Robbins of the BUPD, Professor Greg Marinovich, and Dr. Robert Cadigan.

  • 11:17 AM
    Welcome Back

    Cody signs up his roommate Ryan for the Annual Beerpot Tournament with ulterior motives: if Cody can get Ryan to win the game for their team, he might finally find love with The Girl From French Class before he graduates.