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  • 5:58 PM
    Inside Boston
    Community Leaders

    The reporters of Inside Boston ventured around the different neighborhoods and suburbs of Boston to find great leaders who are giving back to their communities. We found out about soccer in the South End, fresh squash and strawberries in Somerville, journalism in Jamaica Plain, and much more! Plus, in-studio guest from Initiative on Cities tells us about the power of community and the late Mayor Menino’s legacy at BU.

  • 9:32 PM
    On That Point
    Energy in the United States

    Episode 15.2 takes a look at current energy policies in the United States, along with their feasibility with the current economy and political climate. This episode also features a debate between environmentalist and oil lobbyist. Guests include Director of BU’s Institute of Sustainable Energy Dr. Peter Fox-Penner, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Petroleum Council for the American Petroleum Institute Steve Dodge, and Communications Coordinator at Better Future Project Emily Kirkland.

  • 10:43 PM
    Bay State
    A Very Bay State Christmas

    The holiday season at BHC brings out everyone’s true colors. A final encounter at the end-of-semester Christmas party ushers Declan out of Anthony and Dylan’s lives forever and shows Callie how many friends she really has. Meanwhile, Adrian stands up for himself and finally convinces Genny to go home for the holidays. Michelle reveals her big news to Heather and Dylan, who seek comfort in each other. Lauren gets some tough love, Marisa receives an offer she can’t refuse, and Declan’s actions catch up with him.

  • 10:19 AM

  • 12:02 PM
    Pop Showdown!
    6×8 – Jack vs Emma

    Jack and Emma compete in our final battle of the fall season. Who will leave victorious: Emma, the Terrier Softball Sophomore or Jack, Pittsburgh Penguins Fanatic? You’ll only find the answer in our Fall Finale of Pop Showdown!

  • 4:24 PM
    The Captives

  • 3:39 PM
    On That Point
    Race on College Campuses

    Episode 14.3 takes a look at race at BU, in light of the protests at the University of Missouri and campuses across the country. Guests include Provost Jean Morrison, rally organizers TeAndrea Jackson and Yasmin Younis, Professor Linda Heywood, and BUPD Detective Lieutenant Peter Didomenica.

  • 10:08 AM
    Paper Trail
    Paper Trail Season 1 Episode 6

  • 10:17 PM
    Heather McDonald

    Comedian, Heather McDonald, joined WTBU DJ’s Christie Leist and John-Michael Sedor to talk about her upcoming show at Laugh Boston and how she got into comedy. McDonald also talks about being a mother of three while trying to balance her career and her relationship with the real housewives of Beverly Hills.

  • 1:54 PM
    Everybody Wants Some

  • 2:37 PM
    Paper Trail
    Paper Trail Season 1 Episode 9

  • 4:48 PM
    On That Point
    Sexual Misconduct Survey Results

    Episode 14.1 takes a look at the results of BU’s sexual misconduct climate survey. Guests include Peter Fiedler, co-chair of the survey task force; Jessica Klein, President of FemCo; and Jake Reiser, PR Chair for Alpha Epsilon Pi.

  • 10:23 PM

    This episode is all about the current changes in professional sports. From hockey to baseball, new rules are being implemented to alter the game. Watch now!

  • 3:51 PM
    Pop Showdown!

    Andrew and Sandra go head to head and show off their pop culture skills. Who will win? Tune in and find out!