On BUTV10 this week

  • 8:31 PM
    College Ranking, Chinese Nobel Prize Winner, and BU’s “Unbreakable Man”

    In this episode of Amber, we take a look at BU’s new world ranking and its effect on international students, discuss the western view on Chinese medicine after Tu Youyou has been awarded with the Nobel Prize, and hear diverse opinions on gun control. We will also feature on BU’s “Unbreakable Man,” Connor Lenahan.

  • 10:25 PM
    On Campus Parking, STEM OPT, and Same Sex Marriage

    In this new episode of Amber, we will look into the parking environment on campus and discuss the possible influence of STEM OPT on international students as well as diverse opinions on same sex marriage. We will also take you to an interesting studio where you can play Running Man in real life!

  • 3:08 AM
    Semester Finale

    Off Sides says farewell to Executive Producer Jada Montemarano in her last show before heading to Los Angeles.

  • 3:53 PM
    Welcome Back
    The Gallon Challenge

    In a desperate attempt to get rid of the multiple gallons of milk Ryan bought, Cody hosts a competition to see who can chug an entire gallon of milk.

  • 3:02 AM
    1×1: Pilot

    Amber is on BUTV10! Follow us to track the success of China’s largest e-company, Alibaba, and to rock and roll with a Chinese pop poem.

  • 1:19 PM
    What Are The Odds?

    The MLB post season is in full swing and the NFL has only 5 undefeated teams left. See what our analysts think! Watch now!

  • 6:20 AM
    One on One
    Heather McDonald

    Comedian, Heather McDonald, joined WTBU DJ’s Christie Leist and John-Michael Sedor to talk about her upcoming show at Laugh Boston and how she got into comedy. McDonald also talks about being a mother of three while trying to balance her career and her relationship with the real housewives of Beverly Hills.

  • 9:07 PM

    Footage recovered from a downed UFO gives us insight  into who really runs the universe.

  • 3:10 PM
    NBA Preview Show

    Our analysts break down the biggest storylines and make their picks heading into the NBA season.

  • 9:17 PM
    The Hungry Terrier
    The Chowdown

    Boston University undergraduates Gabriella Henkels, Sandra Yoon, and Deanna Abbondola face off in the first Hungry Terrier Chowdown Competition.  Who will win? Watch to find out!

  • 10:52 AM
    Bay State
    Winter is Coming

    Declan struggles to cover up his deadly acts of corruption while promoting his campaign for Student Government President. In the aftermath of a Beta Sig chapter meeting gone terribly wrong, Grace is institutionalized, and finds that her disturbing past with Alexis is creeping up on her. When Trent fails to track down Grace, he finds comfort in a surprising stranger’s kindness. Marisa, Blair, and Britney face inner dissent as to how to handle the aftermath of the incident with Grace. Blair becomes suspicious of Marisa’s intentions, and discovers that Marisa may be hiding something major from Beta Sig. The alcohol trade is taken to new levels when Jacob forges a partnership with Robin, and gains a helping hand in the mysterious Nik Grayden… though it soon becomes clear that neither Robin nor Nik are as trustworthy as they may seem.

  • 12:12 PM
    Pop Showdown!
    6×3 – Ty vs Caroline

    Check out this tight match between longtime friends Ty and Caroline. To play along our contestants, be sure to tune in on the latest episode of pop showdown and test your knowledge of all things pop culture relevant. This is season six, episode three of POP SHOWDOWN!