On BUTV10 this week

  • 9:20 AM
    On That Point
    Syrian Refugee Crisis

    Episode 14.2 takes a look at the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis, both in Europe and the U.S. Guests include German Counsel General Ralf Horlemann, MIRA Coalition Communications Director Valerie Vande Panne, and Dr. Omar Salem, chairman of the Karam foundation.

  • 10:12 AM
    Paper Trail
    Paper Trail Season 1 Episode 6

  • 12:54 PM
    The Hungry Terrier
    Boston Public Market

    The Hungry Terrier is continuing our “Going Green” series with a behind the scenes look at Boston’s new hub for local and gourmet food, Boston Public Market!

  • 4:52 PM
    Spring Hoops Fever

    Spring is in the air, and basketball is heating up in March. Our analysts break down the biggest story lines heading into March Madness and the NBA playoff race.

  • 1:24 PM
    On That Point
    Media in the Primaries

    Episode 15.1 takes a look at the advertising and social media campaigns of the candidates running in both the Republican and Democratic primaries. Guests include Harvard’s Kennedy School Professor Steve Jarding, Young Republicans Representative Joseph McKenna, and Christine Lowe, director of diversity for the Young Democrats.

  • 1:28 AM
    Welcome Back

    Cody signs up his roommate Ryan for the Annual Beerpot Tournament with ulterior motives: if Cody can get Ryan to win the game for their team, he might finally find love with The Girl From French Class before he graduates.

  • 6:21 PM
    The Auditions

    In the aftermath of their party, Brad, Scott, and Theresa hold auditions for a new roommate.

  • 1:11 PM
    Pop Showdown!
    6×6 – Julia vs Kathryn

    Can long-time PS! fan Julia thwart opponent Kathryn’s extensive knowledge of Film and TV? Watch these two media maniacs test their knowledge of all things Hollywood in this episode of Pop Showdown!

  • 2:13 PM
    The Hungry Terrier
    E.A.T. Cambridge

    Join our Hungry Terrier hosts Ale, Sabrina and Bri as they eat and travel to the coolest hidden gems in Cambridge, and all for under $20!

  • 3:38 AM
    On That Point
    Race on College Campuses

    Episode 14.3 takes a look at race at BU, in light of the protests at the University of Missouri and campuses across the country. Guests include Provost Jean Morrison, rally organizers TeAndrea Jackson and Yasmin Younis, Professor Linda Heywood, and BUPD Detective Lieutenant Peter Didomenica.

  • 4:18 PM
    The Hungry Terrier
    Thanksgiving Leftovers

    Some Hungry Terriers who accidentally slept through Thanksgiving dinner use their cooking skills to whip up a post-Turkey Day brunch.

  • 7:31 PM
    A Taste of Home; On-Campus Holiday Housing; Greek Life, Plastic surgeries

    In this episode of Amber, we take a look at BU’s new holiday housing policies, dig into international students’ involvement with Greek life, and hear diverse opinions on plastic surgery. We also have a special cross production with the Hungry Terrier to discover how international students enjoy a taste of home.

  • 6:44 PM
    Pop Showdown!

    butv10’s Good Morning, BU’s co-producers Hayley Gershon and Courtney Sonn can’t help but compete with each other in this butv10-themed episode! Who will have the last laugh in the end? Tune in and see!