On BUTV10 this week

  • 9:39 AM
    Pop Showdown!
    6×12 – Valeria vs Miguel

    Valeria and Miguel answer challenging pop culture trivia questions in this week’s SHOCKING episode of Pop Showdown!

  • 11:19 PM
    Pop Showdown!
    6×9 – Nico vs Carly Rose

    Nico and Carly Rose, producers of BUTV10’s Shadows, bring their A-game to this game of Pop Showdown! Will their knowledge of pop culture bring home pride to the Shadows team, or will these BUTVer’s get stumped? Only way to find out is to watch the mid-season premiere of Pop Showdown!

  • 8:35 PM
    Red Scare

    A mysterious woman asks for help to find her husband.  It’s up to one detective to find her man and get the girl.

  • 9:24 PM
    Bay State

    The campus is reeling from the deaths of Aaron and Whitney and the supposed deaths of Grace and Robin. Britney grows increasingly frustrated as she struggles to help Zack move on. Jaime grows concerned as Alexis behavior grows even more erratic. Olivia says goodbye to Beacon Hill College while a new student arrives, bringing old baggage with her.

  • 4:46 AM
    Pop Showdown!

    butv10’s Good Morning, BU’s co-producers Hayley Gershon and Courtney Sonn can’t help but compete with each other in this butv10-themed episode! Who will have the last laugh in the end? Tune in and see!

  • 10:23 PM

    This episode is all about the current changes in professional sports. From hockey to baseball, new rules are being implemented to alter the game. Watch now!

  • 11:13 AM
    Bay State
    Playing With Fire

    Robin realizes that her secret partnership with Nik might have been a mistake, and calls in a trusted ally to help her strengthen her drug operation. Jacob continues on with his own alcohol operation, and begins to raise questions about Robin and Nik’s suspicious behavior. When Lily asks Trent out on a date, Trent wonders whether he is prepared to take their relationship to “the next level.” Blair confronts Marisa about her secret second life, and discovers that Marisa’s connections reach higher up the chain of power than anyone could have ever imagined. Declan takes it upon himself to investigate the Beta Sig hazing incident with Grace, and finds himself hitting roadblocks. Grace is discharged from the mental institution, but when her sanity drastically slips away from her, she makes a loaded decision that destroys an old friendship and rocks the lives of everyone at BHC.

  • 7:15 PM
    Welcome Back
    Back to the Brotter

    In this sci-fi spectacular, the magical Jewish Gingers who live in college dorm elevators send Cody and Ryan traveling through time. Destination? Freshman year. Desires? Meal plan and virginity loss. But as Cody gets closer to losing his v-card, he also gets closer to losing his bro.

  • 3:38 AM
    On That Point
    Race on College Campuses

    Episode 14.3 takes a look at race at BU, in light of the protests at the University of Missouri and campuses across the country. Guests include Provost Jean Morrison, rally organizers TeAndrea Jackson and Yasmin Younis, Professor Linda Heywood, and BUPD Detective Lieutenant Peter Didomenica.

  • 8:43 AM
    Everybody Wants Some

  • 12:34 AM
    Bay State
    A Very Bay State Christmas

    The holiday season at BHC brings out everyone’s true colors. A final encounter at the end-of-semester Christmas party ushers Declan out of Anthony and Dylan’s lives forever and shows Callie how many friends she really has. Meanwhile, Adrian stands up for himself and finally convinces Genny to go home for the holidays. Michelle reveals her big news to Heather and Dylan, who seek comfort in each other. Lauren gets some tough love, Marisa receives an offer she can’t refuse, and Declan’s actions catch up with him.

  • 7:34 AM
    Co-Ed: The Next Generation
    The Auditions

    In the aftermath of their party, Brad, Scott, and Theresa hold auditions for a new roommate.